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The Saints Diet


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NEW! Now Made For Vegetarians & Fruitarians Also! Whether seriously sick, forever tired, hopelessly depressed, seemingly allergic to almost everything or immensely overweight, here come the reinforcements to the rescue! Inspired from Dr. Clark's research, along with research on HCG and more recently leptin, it uncovers the taproot of weight issues and disease. It bypasses all the useless willpower pep talks for a superior sustainable process of liberating one from a lifetime of food addiction.

The Saints Diet is a nutrient-rich, toxin-reducing, immune-stimulating diet system – a bridge from one world into another. Intended for those who have never been able to lose weight and/or keep it off, it is also for the immune challenged and for those who would like to follow Dr. Clark's suggestions but just do not know what to eat. It's also for those who don't have resources for supplements and equipment but need to follow her in a more simple lifestyle.

Excess fat torments every system in the body with false hormonal signaling and needs to be released in order for the body to find rest in a hormonal balance so then the more quickly excess fat reserves can be disposed of the better. And for this reason, the real problem has been in not understanding how to access the sustainability of weight loss. Settling for losing some or even most of the excess weight will only prolong a teeter-tottering life.

The Saints Diet is a 500-calorie a day diet that is designed to leave one feeling overly full at first in order to develop a comfort zone for those who are constantly receiving that false hormonal hunger signal. Best of all it achieves this with menus that include meals like all organic spaghetti, chili, stroganoff, pasta, steak, chow mein, burgers and teriyaki while causing a weight loss of 1/2 to 1 pound of pure fat (not water or muscle) almost every day.

The supplemental homeographic Saints Diet Drops act just like an oral HCG alternative but without drug side effects since they are made following Dr. Hulda Clark’s precise protocols for purity in a proprietary formula based on frequency-imprinted pure water. Though it uses a few components of an HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadatrophin) diet, it is far better in every respect and accomplishes this without any chemicals. And although written with scriptural and prayer support, everyone can utilize these methods and recipes.

Without the drops one would tend to feel starved after about 3 days on a 500-calorie diet. But the drops help one to release those previously hard-to-lose fat deposits and without having to take breaks like on the chemical HCG diet. Those fat deposits are full of protein, vitamins and minerals so that as they're used for fuel, they can sustain the body of the dieter even more so than the actual food consumed from the diet.

The follow-up and maintenance stage for this diet would be The God Food Diet. Or if you don't care about losing weight as quickly and you just want the absolute healthiest way of eating, then it would be the ultimate choice to make.

Publisher: TheLibertyBible.com
Author: Golda Olivia Adams

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