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Q. Do you sell zappers or Syncrometers®?

A. No. We are a book publishing/distributing company. We have never dealt with devices or supplements. We cannot recommend a particular company.

Q. Can you tell me where to purchase items in Dr. Clark's books?

A.The only information we can pass on is what is actually in Dr. Clark's books. In the back of each of her books there is a section called "Sources". These are products that she has tested and deemed pure. She also gives the contact information for purchase.

Q. Do you have a list of doctors, dentists or clinics that follow Dr. Clark's protocol?

A. Yes. Email sales@newcenturypress.com to receive via email this directory, you can then use the Find feature in your word processing program to find what you are looking for. (Shortcut for this is usually CTRL+F).

Q. Can you help me publish a book?

A. Yes. Our company can take your hand written manuscript or manuscript on a disk and help you through each phase to having your printed book available in all major book stores.